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Power BI

What is Power BI?

Microsoft Power BI is a suite of analytical software services that streamlines your incongruent business datasets into visually interactive and immersive dashboards that offer actionable insights.

Features and Functionality

Power BI Pro Power BI Premium
Features Cloud-based application Microsoft-hosted cloud which provides an organisation with larger space and capacity
Using customisable workspaces, users can sync data, work on collaborative dashboards and co-analyse reports with other Power BI users Improved scalability – an organisation can customise its capacity by allocating a selected number of users to Power BI on a subscription basis
Consolidate Power BI interactive visualisations into Power BI software applications Using the Power BI Report Server, users have the capability of maintaining Power BI assets on-premises
Integrates with other Microsoft software solutions ie. Office 365, Dynamics 365, Azure, Sharepoint and Excel The above features are additional to the features listed in the Power BI Pro column.
Enable peer-to-peer sharing to share published dashboards or reports with individuals external to an organisation. Note: Individuals must possess a current Power BI Pro licence

Why is Microsoft Power BI the right fit for your business? Why should you invest in it?

Simple setup and smooth user accessibility

Power BI doesn’t take long to digitally transform businesses for the better. Users will gain access to powerful data insights without the fuss of complicated set up, endless training and hidden costs along the way.

Integrate with ease

There is no need to worry about compatibility issues when using Power BI. If you already are using Office 365, Dynamics 365, Azure, Sharepoint, Excel or other similar software, Power BI can be easily integrated into your system by our experienced consultants to ensure your business can achieve streamlined efficiency.

Simplified file publication and distribution

Power BI is a centralised solution where users can upload reports and data visualisations to the Power BI cloud. Data is refreshed as soon as it is updated. Eliminate the risk and bottleneck of emailing large files or using a shared drive among multiple users.

Real-time information

As data is uploaded or downloaded, Power BI ensures that all dashboards are updated in real time – screens are synced for all users to ensure that there are no lapses or miscommunication. Any issues can be detected early, and risks are mitigated.

Customisable Power BI app navigation

Power BI has an “app navigation experiences” feature which allows developers to modify their preferences for app navigation. Customise your interface to be as smooth and efficient as possible. Access your reports and dashboards whenever you need – only a click away.

Eliminate security risks

Power BI allows report developers to monitor and control row-level security (RLS) access filters to ensure that users remain in their relevant data fields, which diminishes the risk of data breaches or malicious cyberactivity.

Cortana integration

As a leading-edge Microsoft product, Power BI has installed and designed all the latest features. This includes compatibility with voice-activated assistant, Cortana. Users can verbally ask questions to view data visualisations and insights such as charts and graphs.

Artificial Intelligence

Power BI users have the power of artificial intelligence at their fingertips. Power Bi has a feature called Automated Machine Learning (AutoML) which facilitates the creation and management of machine learning models.

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