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Retail & Point-of-Sale

The digital revolution has made retail a more dynamic and complicated business than ever before. Retailers now have to manage vast webs of customers and suppliers spanning both the online world and internationally. Managing the accounts is becoming close to the inhuman task, and customers won’t tolerate anything less than perfectly smooth operations. It is for these reasons that retailers like you are turning more and more to automation to help manage their accounts.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (previously Microsoft Dynamics NAV/ Navision) is a powerful piece of ERP Software and one of the greatest tools available right now for small to medium-sized businesses looking for digital assistance managing their books. It is particularly well-adapted to the multifarious needs of retail. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is designed to integrate all the far-flung corners of your business to save time and money and improve your ROI.


  • Get started fast with a solution that’s easy to use– One of the biggest selling points of Business Central is its ease of use. Business Central provides a simple and very visual interface that gets you the information you and your workers need and uses machine learning to help you process it.
  • Connect retail and accounting processes with an end-to-end solution– Business Central will link up your marketing, store operations, supply chains, and POS into a simple and comprehensive interface. Business Central gathers data from around your organisation and efficiently replicates it. With Business Central, you can cut costs on data entry and streamline your entire accounting infrastructure.
  • Work easily with the Microsoft Office system and other solutions– If you’re a regular user of Microsoft Office products, then you’ll find the learning curve for Business Central almost non-existent. The interface’s layout matches that of other office products, and Business Central enjoys backwards compatibility with all other systems that are powered by Microsoft.
  • Automate transaction processing start-to-finish– From the first time a customer visits your website to browse your products all the way through to them unboxing their new purchase, the Business Central system will be there to record and manage the transaction.
  • Manage and track inventory efficiently– Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central comes packaged with some excellent tools to help you manage your in-store inventory and supply chains. Serial number scanning and tracking let you keep tabs on individual products, and is of particular use if you need to manage something with an expiration date like food.
  • Deliver professional, personalised service– Business Central’s integration of transaction data also helps when it comes to keeping up with your customers and targeted marketing. Send out mailers on a timely rotation alerting your customers to new products they might be interested in and offering them customised prices and discounts.
  • Analyse data with flexible reporting options– Using the comprehensive overview of your operations that Business Central software provides, you can analyse data and gain business insights. Business Central will improve your ability to forecast demand and optimise your supply chains.
  • Maintain tight control over information and improve employee management– Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (previously NAV) also helps a business to manage human resources and its internal affairs. Automate employee permissions and keep track of skillsets, absences, and special contractual concerns with your employees using the HR module.

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What Austral Dynamics provide

‘Austral Dynamics’ is a Microsoft Gold Certified partner that has been outfitting Australian businesses with Microsoft Dynamics ERP for over a decade. Austral Dynamics has provided a number of Retail and Point of Sale solutions for our customers. Using customised POS modules enables Austral Dynamics’ clients to provide the best experience for their customers. We are here to get this software integrated into your operations and customised to the needs of you and your business.