Team - Austral Dynamics


Austral Dynamics

At Austral Dynamics, we pride ourselves not just on the depth of our expertise, but the width of our experience that spans a spectrum of industries. We have a highly skilled team of software professionals that include:

  • Business Development Managers– Who are there to analyse your business, the industry it’s a part of, and the current market conditions to recommend goals we should aim for to improve your bottom-line.
  • Functional Consultants– Who help translate the research and insights from the business development managers into technical solutions for the people in IT to work on.
  • Developers– Who take all the technical and business data being fed to them to devise a plan for a practical software solution. They look at existing technical assets and devise a plan for the actual installation of Business Central into your business’s data infrastructure.
  • Software Professionals– Who are talented software engineers who know Dynamics 365 Business Central/CRM/F&O meticulously and can design customised additions to it to help better serve your business.
  • Analytical Programmers– Who are responsible for sitting down in front of the computers and hammering out the codes that will make the software run.
  • Project Managers– Who are there to oversee and coordinate the entire job from start to finish, there to provide you with peace of mind and any help along the way.