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Manufacturing & Distribution

Manufacturing and Distribution proves a constant source of logistical challenges. A miscalculated order to the warehouse or a bad make-or-buy decision can end up costing your company a small fortune. Luckily, Microsoft provides a powerful tool in the form of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (previously Microsoft Dynamics NAV/ Navision) for streamlining and optimising your book keeping.

The greatest benefits of Business Central stems from it’s ability to gather and freely disseminate information to all corners of your business. No more wasted time redundantly inputting information or trying to dig up a particular invoice you need. With Microsoft Dynamics 365, it’s all immediately available. Further, having all that data centralised allows the software to produce business insights that might not otherwise be apparent. Business Central ERP will help your business keep track of inventory, better predict supply and demand, and analyse trends in your key performance indicators (KPI) that might otherwise be difficult to see with manual input and spreadsheets. All of this done with greater efficiency and lower labour costs than would be possible with traditional book keeping.


With Microsoft Dynamics 365, you can

  • Predict Demand – Business Central uses a number of metrics to analyse sales patterns from the information you feed it to identify sales trends and forecast future demand.
  • Plan Supply – Business Central also helps you to keep up with replenishing your inventory. Business Central will use past trends and its demand forecast to calculate a suggested replenishment order.
  • Scan and Track Inventory – Business Central allows you to use serial number scanning and tracking to keep better control of your inventory. This is of particular use if your business relates to something like food where expiration and recalls are an issue.
  • Keep in Touch – Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central doesn’t just track inventory.  Business Central will keep tabs of your email correspondences and communicate all relevant information to the relevant parties.


Some Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central features of particular interest to manufacturers are

  • Material Planning – Business Central includes master production scheduling and material requirement planning to make sure the forces of supply and demand are kept carefully balanced.
  • Product Design Management – Business Central allows you to compile and compare different BOMs and routing to discover the most efficient and cost-effective paths to production.
  • Dynamic Manufacture – Business Central allows you a whole new level of manoeuvrability and control in going about the business of manufacture. By adding work centres and different routings to Business Central, you can quickly adjust your entire factory model to account for rush orders and last-minute changes.
  • Finite Loading – Business Central lets you carefully calculate what the capacities on your various production centres are so that you don’t exceed your constraints. You can either plan this on a more consolidated, macro level using work centres or you can take it all the way down to the capacity of a single machine using machine centres
  • Ease of Access – All of these features get wrapped up neatly in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central centralised and highly ergonomic package. Business Central includes some special add-ins for manufacturers that puts all the compiled data from production orders, deadlines, available inventory, and your production centres into a simplified, drag and drop format.

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At ‘Austral Dynamics’, we understand how much it takes to juggle modern Manufacture and Distribution. Austral Dynamics has well over 100 years of combined high-level experience in Accounting and ERP solutions for the manufacturing and distribution industries. We have Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central/ Navision implementation experience both locally and internationally, with a focus on the Asia-Pacific region. We are a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, and we can insure that Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (previously NAV) meets the needs of you and your business. We have provided solutions for many companies, including:

PR Kitchen and washroom systems
Penmara wines

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