Import Export Industry

Importing and exporting are a complicated business by their very nature. There are legal, linguistic, and cultural barriers that need to be traversed, different kinds of currencies that need to be juggled, and a constantly shifting global market that needs to be watched. Laid on top of this are all the logistical challenges of actually shipping, storing, and distributing your product. Importers and exporters need all the help they can get when it comes to managing their records and accounts. That’s where Austral Dynamics and Navision come in.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV Business Central/Navision is a piece of ERP software uniquely outfitted to help automate and manage the accounts of an international business like yours and will help integrate your business into an easy to manage whole. NAV  Business Central will streamline your accounting infrastructure and reduce the hassle of data input, conversions, and the tracking of your products as they skip across the globe. Austral Dynamics can provide Microsoft Dynamics NAV/ Navision modules and customised solutions to cover many of the complex areas of import/export and shipping industries.


Using Microsoft Dynamics NAV Business Central/ Navision you can:

  • Interface with Scales– Navision software is designed to interface directly with scales and other measurement devices so that when you weigh a product, that information along with date and location are automatically recorded and made available where needs be. NAV is specially designed to reduce the time spent on data entry and to let you make the most use of the data you collect.
  • Use Barcode printers to print shipping labels– Dynamics NAV Business Central comes with all the software you need to assign a unique serial number to a commodity and then to create and print a barcode to be attached to it during shipping and storage. This allows you to maintain excellent control and tracking over individual products.
  • Automatically calculate costs and weights of containers for COD and Insurance purposes– Not only will NAV will automatically calculate costs based on the product information that’s input into it, but machine learning lets it project what future shipments of similar products will weigh and cost. Navision will keep hidden costs from creeping up on you.
  • Track Country of Origin/Destination Customer– Navision software will keep track of pertinent information relating to a product’s country of origin and destination. Navision can incorporate any special local concerns into its calculations and keep you abreast of them.
  • Integrate with Inventory– By integrating seamlessly with your files on inventory, Microsoft Dynamics NAV Business Central will help you keep the perfect record of your assets across the globe, make projections on future demand, and be ready to meet that demand when it arises.
  • Integrate with Warehouse management functionality– Navision also helps you to make the most out of your warehouse capacity. NAV calculates the best way to make use of available space and helps you keep on top of problems like the expiration dates on perishable items.
  • Integrate with Microsoft– All of these perks come with the added benefit of Dynamics being a Microsoft product and enjoying all the perks that come with that. If you use Microsoft Office at all, you will find NAV’s interface very familiar and congenial, and all of your office applications will seamlessly integrate with the Navision system.

What We Provide

Austral Dynamics is a Microsoft Gold Certified partner that has been outfitting Australian businesses with Microsoft Dynamics ERP for over a decade. We can help to get Dynamics integrated into your current system of operations and finetune NAV to your business and its needs. With Microsoft Dynamics NAV Business Central/ Navision, we help companies reduce costs, deliver and track their products worldwide.