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Publishing Industry

Of all the industries we cater to, publishing has perhaps the most to gain from a well-integrated ERP system. The needs of a modern publisher straddle many distinct domains, including both physical and electronic distribution, savvy marketing and all the messy details that go into the actual creation of a book. ‘Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (previously Microsoft Dynamics NAV/ Navision) ’, with its emphasis on integration, was practically designed for the publishing industry. We can use Business Central system to incorporate the many areas of concern for your business into one painless, easy-to-use interface.


Austral Dynamics provides Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central/ Navision  modules and customised solutions to that cover many aspects of publishing.

  • Editorial Department Process- From author to content editor to copy editor, a text will go through any number of hands before it’s finally ready to print. Business Central can help to streamline the exchange of drafts and notes between parties.
  • Trend analysis Project Management and Project Controlling- Business Central is great at compiling all the relevant data it has gathered for your business and making it available for you in the project manager when you start a new publishing venture.
  • Full workflow support and business notification- Business Central’s project manager also functions to make sure that each logged task is given the attention that it needs when it needs it. Notifications are filed every step of the way so you can watch as jobs develop.
  • Cost containment logging and tracking of all interactions and reviewing statistics- By looking at the data your organisation has acquired in the course of doing business, you can acquire crucial insights about what costs you’re incurring and how these costs can be minimised. Business Central is designed to help you root out these insights.
  • Book Sales/Distribution- Perhaps even more important than analysing cost is analysing sales trends. “Microsoft Dynamics 365” not only helps you to distribute your books, it can create detailed logs about where and to whom your books are selling.
  • Professional Stock Management and Logistics- Traditional print copy needs to be warehoused and transported like any other physical good. Business Central Software includes some excellent inventory management programs for efficiently handling your material products.
  • Handling of Reservations and Back orders- The Business Central system is excellent at juggling and matching reservations and back orders with projections on available stock.
  • Fulfilling cross-media orders seamlessly: Managing the sales of prints on demand and of E-Books- New forms of publishing can prove difficult to keep on top of. Business Central, however, is designed to execute and record on demand sales quickly and painlessly.
  • Connecting customers to products: Analysis of contribution margin and cross-selling potential- Business Central helps you to analyse weaknesses and potential opportunities in your marketing so you can take full advantage of every sale.
  • Managing the complete life-cycle of all customers- Business Central keeps careful tabs on your customers’ buying habits. You can use that information both on a macro-level for projecting market trends and on a micro-level when sending out mailers and other forms of targeted marketing.

What We Provide

Austral Dynamics is a Microsoft Gold Certified partner that has been outfitting Australian businesses with Microsoft Dynamics ERP for over a decade.  We are well acquainted with the specific needs of publishers in keeping up with the modern market, and we know how to set up Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (previously NAV) and make it work for you. Let us help you to streamline your IT infrastructure so you can spend more time worrying about the thing that matters: the books!

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