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Austral Dynamics will guide you through every step to ensure a successful growth in your business. We have designed our systems to provide various solutions for all your business progress.

  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central SMB
    Growing small and medium-size businesses (SMBs) have a number of unique needs that need to be met. Fixed assets, liquid capital, supplies, products, and employee and customer relationships need to be carefully maintained. As your organisation continues to grow, it...
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  • Manufacturing & Distribution
    Manufacturing and Distribution proves a constant source of logistical challenges. A miscalculated order to the warehouse or a bad make-or-buy decision can end up costing your company a small fortune. Luckily, Microsoft provides a powerful tool in the form of...
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  • Non-Profit Organisations
    Running a charity or Non-profit Organisation requires solid accounting and clear lines of communication. Costs need to be carefully counted, human resources need to be effectively managed, and your donors and members need to be kept informed and feel included in all...
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  • Publishing Industry
    Of all the industries we cater to, publishing has perhaps the most to gain from a well-integrated ERP system. The needs of a modern publisher straddle many distinct domains, including both physical and electronic distribution, savvy marketing and all the messy details that...
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  • Retail & Point-of-Sale
    The digital revolution has made retail a more dynamic and complicated business than ever before. Retailers now have to manage vast webs of customers and suppliers spanning both the online world and internationally. Managing the accounts is becoming close to...
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  • Import Export Industry
    Importing and exporting are a complicated business by their very nature. There are legal, linguistic, and cultural barriers that need to be traversed, different kinds of currencies that need to be juggled, and a constantly shifting global market that needs...
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