Product Overview

Why Your Business Needs Dynamics Navision ERP

As your business grows, resource planning becomes more and more of an issue. Departments like marketing, finance, and human resources grow apart from each other as they are forced to handle increasing amounts of data, and translating crucial information from one department to the other becomes increasingly difficult. If this translation is not efficiently managed, it can lead to wasted time and cost overruns which could end up sinking your business. It is for this reason that companies are turning to specialised software to integrate the various components of their operations into a tight, cohesive whole.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV/Navision is a comprehensive and powerful Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system specifically designed for the small and mid-size business (SME). With Microsoft Dynamics NAV’s unique customisation tools and easy to use menus, businesses that choose Microsoft Dynamics NAV/Navision will enjoy faster deployment with exceptional success.


Microsoft Navision is the world’s premiere ERP system, and for good reason. Being a Microsoft product, Navision enjoys compatibility with other popular Microsoft Office products like Excel and Word.  If you are familiar with these products, you will no doubt find the learning curve on Dynamics very modest. Being a Microsoft product also guarantees that ‘Dynamics Navision’ will be consistently updated and that partnered experts across the world will be there to manage it, including Austral Dynamics.

Austral Dynamics is a Microsoft Gold Certified partner, and we are here to take this world-class software and adapt it to local Australian businesses like yours. Our Consultants work to identify the unique features of the business solution you require according to your business size, your industry, your essential and non-standard requirements and then tailor the Microsoft Dynamics NAV solutions to meet your specific business needs. We take Navision and make it work for you.

Our Services

From the outset we strive to fully understand our customers’ needs. Our experienced business professionals guarantee you:

  • Relevant Solutions for your business – The ERP needs of a manufacturing company differ vastly from, say, a manufacturing  company, or from those of one geared for importing for exporting. We can help to guarantee that Navision is fine tuned to your business needs.
  • Cost effective implementation and customised applications- Does your business need to house the Navision System on site with dedicated staff to manage it or can you purchase your ERP as a cloud-based service. Not only will we deliver you the service your company needs, but in the most cost effective way possible.
  • Expert Implementations using proven methodologies and qualified Microsoft Dynamics NAV trainers- All of our project managers and consultants have been working with Microsoft Dynamics NAV ERP for a minimum of ten years. We are experts in Navision software and adapting it to your company’s needs.
  • Unequalled commitment to support backed by Microsoft worldwide- Austral Dynamics has an excellent relationship with Microsoft Australia and has been shortlisted as Microsoft’s fastest growing ERP partner of the year. By working with us, you are guaranteed a direct line to Microsoft and support for your software.

Don’t let your business collapse under the weight of its own success. Too many businesses make the mistake of failing to efficiently organise themselves  and crash as a result. Let us help you to use Dynamics NAV  software to transform your business into an efficient company  ready to tackle the market and revolutionise your ROI.

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To find out more about how “Austral Dynamics” can save time and increase profitability for your business, call us on (+61) 2 9763 2040 and speak to one of our Business Development Managers or request a free demonstration or information pack.