Our People

If you’re a business owner, you know how important it is to get the right people for the right job. We know that as well, and our team comes equipped with all the skills and knowledge needed to analyse your business and implement real Software Solutions to streamline your operations and improve your ROI. We want to see you succeed because every client of ours with a good story to tell is a gold star on our record. Your success is our success.

Our Specialists

At Austral Dynamics, we have a highly skilled team of software professionals, developers, business development managers, analytical programmers, functional consultants and project managers who are committed to finding the right solution for your business. Our team includes:

  • Business Development Managers – Our Business Development Managers are there to analyse your business, the industry it’s a part of, and the current market conditions in order to recommend what goals our team should be shooting for in order to improve your bottom line.
  • Functional Consultants – The functional consultants are there to help translate the research and insights from the business development managers into technical solutions for the people in IT to work on.
  • Developers – The developers are there to take all the technical and business data being fed to them and to devise a plan for a practical software solution. They are in charge of looking at existing technical assets and devising a plan for the actual installation of Navision into your business’s data infrastructure.
  • Software Professionals – Our team boasts a number of talented software engineers who know Dynamics Business Central/ Navision up and down and can design additions to it to help it better serve your business.
  • Analytical Programmers – Our programmers are responsible for the work of actually sitting down in front of the computers and hammering out the code that will make the software run.
  • Project Managers – The project managers are there to oversee and coordinate the entire job from start to finish and put out any fires that start up along the way.

Our Experience

At Austral Dynamics, we pride ourselves not just on the depth of our expertise, but the width of our experience. Our team has worked with businesses from across a spectrum of industries. The ‘Austral Dynamics Software Development Team’ is highly experienced in the integration and customisation of Microsoft Dynamics NAV Business Central/ Navision products for individual vertical markets. The team has developed their own add-on applications for areas such as;

  • Wholesale and Distribution Industries
  • Import / Export Organisations
  • Manufacturing Industries
  • Aftermarket Automotive
  • Hi Tech and Research industries
  • Retail and Point of Sale (POS)
  • Small Goods
  • Fashion and Textiles Services
  • Publishing Industry

What We Offer

Austral Dynamics is a Microsoft Gold Certified partner that has been outfitting Australian businesses with Microsoft Dynamics ERP for over a decade. Our team together has more than 100 years worth of experience, and we are ready to put that collected experience to work for you. When you sign on with Austral Dynamics, you can take it as guaranteed that you’re putting your business in the hands of professionals just like yourself with both a vested interest in your success and the skills to help see you to it.