Microsoft's New Dynamics 365 Commerce App is Available

Microsoft’s New Dynamics 365 Commerce App to be Available on February 3

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Posted On March 10th, 2020

Microsoft’s New Dynamics 365 Commerce App to be Available on February 3

Microsoft recently launched its new Dynamics 365 Commerce app which is set to replace the Dynamics 365 Retail offering once general release occurs around the world. The Commerce app was announced in September last year and began a general release on February 3.

A spokesperson for Microsoft said that ‘existing Dynamics 365 Retail customers will automatically transition to Dynamics 365 once it becomes generally available.’ They went on to say that this change to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce will see no change in pricing or plans.
Customers also have the option for additional add-on options at an additional cost.

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In addition to releasing their new app, Microsoft also announced two new features for its Dynamics 365 Fraud Protection offering: Loss Prevention and Account Protection. These features will help prevent account hijacking, as well as insights related to returns and discount fraud.

What the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce App Offers

The new app offers everything that the Dynamics 365 Retail App offers but with new and improved features and user experience.
These benefits include:

Enjoy an End to End Commerce Solution for Your Business

Microsoft’s Commerce solution allows you to oversee all aspects of your business, from individual customers to larger day-to-day operations.

Optimize Your Retail Operations

Through optimized back-office operations, as well as smart AI learning, your business will be automated to perfectly suit your business in a personalized and integrated way.

Seamlessly Grow Customer Loyalty

Get a comprehensive view of every customer, allowing you to respond to their needs and foster long-lasting customer relationships. The Microsoft Commerce app expertly maximizes customer loyalty as well as improved customer experiences.

Engage with Customers in All Platforms and Channels

Through Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce, you let customers decide when, how and where they want to experience your business. Through dynamic and responsive platforms, customers can purchase your products or services on any device.

Get Important Insights into Your Business’s Operations

Microsoft’s Commerce app provides valuable data and insights for your business, aiding in your business’s efficiency, productivity and growth. Through smart AI, you can get a clear view on what steps need to be made to grow your business.

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