Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Navision

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Navision is the future inventive business application. These implementations will authorise the companies to expand, develop and to reconstruct. Business Central integrates ERP Solutions by conveying new, intentional implementations that work constantly to manage particular business responsibilities in the fields of Sales, Customer Service and Insights, Operations, Financials, Field Service, Project Service Automation and Marketing.

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Navision – The Most Popular ERP Software

Integration, Efficiency and Business Insight

Microsoft Dynamics Nav Business Central is the most popular ERP software on the market today. It is the premier business solution tool for small to middle size businesses,  a data-driven business environment. What is  “Dynamics NAV Business Central/Navision software” and what makes it so exceptional?

Microsoft Dynamics NAV Business Central is an integrated business applications software solution for small to mid-size companies in a range of different industries. Microsoft Dynamics NAV Business Central/Navision connects and integrates with external applications, collecting information from every area of your business to boost productivity, improve collaboration, and increase business reporting & insight. Navision is there to help you with everything from analysing and managing cash flow to keeping on top of business correspondence with your customers. Dynamics NAV Business Central keeps immaculate records of the goings-on of your business and makes sure that that information is made readily available to everyone who needs it. Microsoft Dynamics NAV Business Central integrated financial, operations, customer, distribution, and e-commerce data provide a streamlined, comprehensive solution for growing mid-sized businesses.

About Microsoft Dynamics 360 Business Central NAVision

Part of what makes NAV Business Central stand out so much is its close association with the Microsoft brand. For years, Microsoft has been the leader when it comes to software applications for businesses, and many of its products have now become industry standards. Microsoft Dynamics NAV Business Central provides a familiar user interface based on the well known Microsoft Office system look and feels, shortening the learning curve and training time required to be proficient in its use. It is also much easier for Dynamics to juggle and integrate files from other Microsoft products than it is for competitors. This backward compatibility gives NAV a serious advantage when it comes to making your business as efficient as possible as quickly as possible.

The Navision system also includes a number of tools to help bring all this collected data to life. Navision analyses sales anticipates opportunities, and presents everything in a series of comprehensible graphs and data metrics that will help you put this information to good use. It does all of this using advanced AI to further automate the work of bookkeeping and to help cut costs on data entry.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV/Navision  / Dynamics 365 Bussiness Cental Features

  • General Ledger Cash Manager- Dynamics NAV Business Central allows you to centralise accounting information and better oversee company finance and workflow.
  • Cash Manager- Dynamics NAV Business Central lets you link up your company bank accounts and manage incoming/outgoing payments and track transactions.
  • Sales and Receivable- Dynamics Navision will help you to stay on top of customer credit, invoicing, and account balances.
  • Marketing and Sales- Dynamics NAV Business Central will make life easier for your sales and marketing team by keeping a close record of important customer information.
  • Purchase and Payable- Not only does NAV Business Central system manage your purchases and payable, but it also creates standardised forms of repetitive orders to minimize the amount of data entry required.
  • Inventory- ‘Microsoft NAV Business Central’ keeps a comprehensive inventory of all material resources circulating through your company.
  • Warehouse Management- Not only does NAV Business Central integrate with all aspects of your inventory system, but it also calculates the most efficient ways to make use of available warehouse capacity.
  • Supply Chain Management- Dynamics NAV Business Central helps to project demand and to create a prudent supply profile.
  • Multi-Currency, multi-language- Dynamics NAV Business Central comes equipped with tools to help you traverse the legal, economic, and linguistic pitfalls of dealing internationally.
  • Job Resources- You can carefully manage the goals and progress on various projects using NAV’s job resources.
  • Human Resources- Dynamics NAV Business Central human resource feature tracks employee contracts, absences, and confidential information.
  • Fixed Assets- The fixed assets functionality tracks depreciation on your equipment and manages maintenance and insurance issues.

View a comprehensive list of Microsoft Dynamics NAV Business Central/Navision modules for your business or industry.

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