Microsoft Dynamics 365 Offers Retail Management With E-commerce, In-Store Modules

Posted On December 16th, 2019

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central offers tools and features for retail store management and e-commerce. If you’re a retailer looking for a one-point ERP solution to handle your multi-channel selling, then Dynamics is the ideal choice for you.

How Can Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Help Your Retail Business

With the number of people opting to buy items online steadily rising, retailers face some challenges:

  • Facilitate a multi-channel buying experience for customers.
  • Provide a seamless experience for customers.
  • Integrate various marketing and sales technologies to deliver optimal results.
  • Keep track of inventory and logistics
  • Invest in short term and long-term financial reporting to keep track of finances.

Dynamics Navision tackles all the challenges listed above, making retail management easy by streamlining it.

How Can Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Help Your Retail Business?

It  brings the following benefits to your organisation:

  1. Centralised Management of pricing and planning

Microsoft Business Central allows you to plan the best layout when it comes to restocking, maximising space and productivity. It also enables you to manage all pricing from one central data point. Its interface is designed to give you easy access to all tasks solved by different employees in the store/organisation.

  1. Business Intelligence for better productivity

Microsoft Dynamics Business Central consolidates Point of Sale, store operations, supply chain, merchandising, CRM, and financial information, providing you and your team with real-time data. Since all this data is available at a glance, it helps boost productivity and efficiency whether you’re a brick and mortar store or an e-commerce business.

  1. Increase Profits Through Customer Analysis

You have the ability to study historical buying patterns and identify opportunities to upsell. Customer buying patterns are also a valuable source of information in determining restocking needs as well as anticipating seasonal demands.

  1. Avoid Overstocking or Low Stock Issues with Automatic Ordering

Automatic ordering ensures you can replenish stock as and when needed, minimising waste.

  1. Provide Customers with Excellent Service

One of the most important aspects of a successful retailer is to ensure customer satisfaction, right from the first point of interest to the final point of sale. Microsoft 365 Business Central facilitates this by providing you with real-tie information, allowing you and your team members to make quicker, smarter decisions.

It is a one-stop ERP solution for retailers. It allows you to adapt it to suit your requirements regarding workflow, financial management and administration. `

Austral Dynamics has proven expertise in implementing Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and providing training to businesses/organisations so they can get optimal results using the trusted ERP business software application.

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