Introducing Dynamics 365 account protection and loss prevention.

Posted On March 9th, 2020

With the ever-changing landscape for businesses online, it’s important to adapt to it with an ERP solution that provides smart AI and insights for all your business operations. As such, Microsoft recently announced to the world its new improvements for its Fraud Protection and Account Protection features for Microsoft Dynamics 365. To increase efficiencies across all platforms for aspects such as returns, fraud and account hijacking, these updated features are leading the way for solutions in this field.

Introducing Dynamics 365 account protection and loss prevention

Why Businesses on Online Platforms Require Exceptional Account Protection and Loss Prevention

As a business’s e-commerce revenue grows, they naturally face more risk of fraud which can result in significant losses, reduced productivity and potentially wrongful rejections. To ensure that your account and loss prevention is operating at optimal levels, you require a solution that streamlines your operations, along with real-time insights into individual customers. Dynamics 365 new updates further increase your business’s security and prevention loss processes.

Microsoft Dynamics 365’s Account Protection Updates

With the use of powerful artificial intelligence, Dynamics 365 Fraud Protection recognizes patterns related to fraudulent e-commerce activities. These are recognized during all points of the customer journey including account creation and attempted account hacking. Through these protections, loss of revenue from fraudulent activities is improved, as well as the customer experience.

Benefits include:

  • Improves the bottom line through prevention of fraudulent activities and friction during the customer journey
  • Improves business reputation through lack of negative exposure from fraudulent activity
  • Improves the customer experience and satisfaction through customer protection and privacy

Microsoft Dynamics 365’s Loss Prevention Updates

Loss can occur from a wide range of activities for a business, including returns, improper discounts, merchandise mishandling and inventory turnover. By recognizing patterns related to loss, a Dynamics 365’s Loss Prevention artificial intelligence can reduce loss greatly.

Benefits of these features include:

  • Increase your revenue through reduction in losses from returns, damage and fraudulent activities
  • Improve your bottom line through more efficiency
  • Implement business intelligence and insights through smart A.I.
  • Improve Operational Efficiency through Smart Automation

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