Improving Your Supply Chain Management with ERP Systems

Posted On March 6th, 2020

With the rise of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems, businesses have revolutionized many aspects of their business management, including their supply chains. With so many moving parts (literally), clients and manufacturers to deal with, an automated system like Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central means that businesses of all sizes can handle Supply Chain Management (SCM) with ease. But what exactly does a powerful ERP System bring to the table for SCM?

improving supply chain management ERP system

Inventory Demand

Through powerful ERP Systems like Business Central, you can seamlessly oversee the demand of inventory in real-time. Through smart systems in place, you get a bird’s eye view of your inventory or when items are in greater demand than other items – even for large scale manufacturers and clients.

Procuring Products & Services

ERP Systems take care of all elements of the supply chain and are a highly effective way of managing the procurement of products from vendors and manufacturers. Whether it’s keeping track of communications with suppliers, or handling orders and transportation, ERP Systems can handle all elements of product procurement with intelligent automated solutions.

Production Management in Real-Time

An ERP system manages all elements of production, from creating bill of materials (BOM) and keeping records of labour and machine resources at each stage of production. Through automated documentation and record-taking, human error due to manual processing is eliminated. An ERP Solution ensures that products are sent out on their due date and lets you know their status in real-time.

Shipment of Products

ERP Systems allow shipment management that is free from error. They create invoices once an item has been shipped, as well as keeping track on the shipment status. They also aid in deciding packaging methods, criteria for quality checks, as well as quickly solving any resource issues in the task list.

Real-Time Reporting of the Whole Process

ERP Systems like Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central provide an end-to-end management service for your business and business relationships. They provide customised, real-time reporting for each stage of the supply chain, allowing you to gain insight to make informed and actionable decisions. You can gauge performance, efficiency and any issues affecting the supply chain’s process.

Global Management of the Supply Chain

ERP Systems allow businesses to expand their reach to a global scale with ease. Whether ordering from manufacturers overseas, or having products delivered to customers or clients in another country, ERP Systems make the process effective with streamlined data and updates. When handling such a demanding process as global supply management, an ERP System takes out human error that comes from the labour-intensive process of manual data obtainment.

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