Improvements to the Power Automate and Power Apps Connector

Improvements to the Power Automate and Power Apps Connector

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Posted On May 26th, 2022

Improvements to the Power Automate and Power Apps Connector

Management solution is an essential part of the success of a small or moderate-sized organisation because it allows for automation and streamlining of business processes. One of the most famous management solutions is Business Central.

Improvements Power Automate Power Apps Connector
Business Central is a multi-faceted platform that can help your business in so many ways. It is highly adaptable, so it can manage manufacturing, finance, sales, shipping, and many more. In addition, Business Central, Power Platforms, and Austral Dynamics can work together to harness new capabilities. 

What is a Power Platform?

Power Automate and Power Apps form part of the Power Platform. Power Platform has a little to no coding approach making it easier to generate powerful workflows and produce valuable insights. The platform provides hundreds of connectors to link data sources easily because of its little to no coding approach. 

Enhancements of the Power Automate and Power Apps Connector

Before anything, you must understand that a workflow will not be complete without connectors. Connectors facilitate communication by “talking” to Power Automate, Power Apps, etc. Its ultimate role is to enable users to connect to their accounts and control prebuilt actions and triggers.

Connectors can be classified into two types – Standard and Premium. The thing with connectors is that the number grows daily. As a result, Microsoft added enhancements to the Power Automate and Power Apps connectors. 

The added capability will provide the users with flexibility in developing flows and apps. Here are some of the enhancements made so you can start utilising Business Central with Power Apps and Power Automate:     


One of the enhancements is providing support in the field of data organisation. Power Automate and Power Apps connectors strengthened their power to find data, filter, and sort. In the end, this can allow you to analyse business data better.  

Aside from providing data organisation support, Power Apps and Power Automate connectors also give support by adding related records, including data from the header and lines of your documents.


Power Apps and Power Automate users notice random errors when accessing the apps, slowdowns, and other service issues. These issues are addressed by allocating more resources and coming up with better processes, especially with their connectors. With improved reliability, users can expect increased performance and functionality. 

Removal of Preview label

The last enhancement of Power Apps and Power Automate connectors is the removal of the preview label. This will be implemented separately for GCC and Standard Release. 

Additional notes

The functionalities or enhancements described have not been released. Microsoft reminds admins, makers, marketers, and analysts that the delivery times may change. Remember that the new enhancements will only apply to online Business Central. It does not apply to on-premises Business Central. 

The Power Platform is considered by many because it is easy to configure and quick to implement. However, it is a work-in-progress. So, you have to participate in future enhancements by discussing your ideas and giving suggestions. This way, you can contribute to making the Power Platform better


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