How Flinders University Harnessed the Power of Microsoft Dynamics 365 (Navision) Business Central?

Posted On October 21st, 2019

Flinders University in Adelaide has been making a splash since it began harnessing the potential of Microsoft’s three clouds, with Microsoft Dynamics 365 leading the way. This has been part of the university’s strategy to use “disruptive technology” to become one of Australia’s top 10 universities by 2025.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

What Is Microsoft Dynamics 365 (Navision) Business Central?

Dynamics 365 is a Cloud-based Enterprise Resourcing Planning (ERP) solution and allows end-to-end management of businesses or organizations through real-time access, reports and automation.

Project Workload Capacity

According to a university spokesperson, Dynamics 365 and other Microsoft Clouds have more than quintupled its project workload capacity, lifting the number of IT projects completed each year from 12 to 62.

“I have 400 applications here at the university…if we can rationalize those products, we can make savings, because having 400 applications, you’ve got 400 different maintenance cycles, 400 different ways of keeping that working” says Flinders University chief of technology officer Kerrie Campbell

Flinders University’s use of ‘Microsoft Dynamics Navision Business Central has extended to become marketing and enrollment platform for both international and domestic students.

Security and Data Protection

Secure efforts are a key priority, Campbell went on to say, and that the university’s level of security and data protection has reached an unrivalled level thanks to its use of Dynamics 365 and the upgrade to a Microsoft Dynamics 365 A5 license. The Australian National University experienced a massive data breach earlier in 2019 and so Flinders University has implicated Dynamics 365 to avoid such breaches of data from ever occurring.


The university’s overall efficiency, security growth has improved significantly thanks to Microsoft 365 Dynamics and they are confident in meeting their 2025 agenda. They have structured their IT portfolio into three different teams: a student and teaching team, research-focused customer-centric tea and a digital business team. Through its use of Microsoft Cloud applications, the university claims that it has saved at least 1,700 hours of work.

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