Why ERP Software is a Perfect Fit for the Import Export Industry

Posted On October 30th, 2017

The import and export industry is probably one of the most complex industries that can benefit from a well-integrated ERP software system. The needs of an import and export business are extensive and managing all of these things manually can become a difficult task. Other than that, there are several metrics to such a business, like tracking costs, items imported, items exported, logging warehouse inventory and such tasks that are very costly to keep updated and require a considerably large workforce.

An ERP software like Microsoft Dynamics NAV Business Central Review can help you make things simpler. At Austral Dynamics, we specialise in integrating this ERP software into your business so you can make the most out of it. Below, we are going to mention some areas where an ERP software can come in handy.

Inventory and Warehouse Management

An ERP software like Microsoft Dynamics NAV Business Central can help you make things simpler with your inventory management. If your ERP is customised to fit your business needs, it can help you track your inventory so you can manage your exports and imports according to your needs.

A storage warehouse can also be managed by integrating such a system into your business. You can track the inventory at your warehouse for items, track items that have arrived or been dispatched from a warehouse or basically anything else that you think will make your business more efficient.

Tracking and Shipment Managing

One of the most main aspects of an import-export business is handling the shipping of products. Whether you need to import or export an item, tracking it is necessary to make sure the product reaches the destination from the country of the origin. An ERP made to fit your needs, can give you all the tracking information you need at your fingertips.

Shipments costs can also be calculated automatically with the help of an ERP system that has been integrated properly into your business. Weights of containers can be shown automatically, to deal with further shipping processes or to ensure packages when required.

Other than the main benefits of an ERP system, you can also track your imports, exports, costs incurred and profits made. Such figures can help you track what makes your business better, and why. If you run an import-export business, integrating an ERP system like Microsoft Dynamics NAV Business Central will be one of the best decision you will make. ERP also improves Manufacturing & Distribution business. You can hire the professionals at Austral Dynamics if you want tailor-made solutions perfected for your business. Choose your Microsoft Dynamics nav for small business, medium business or big companies. Call us at (+61) 2 9763 2040.