Dynamics NAV Business Central as a Cloud ERP Solution

So you’ve made the decision to invest in Microsoft’s excellent ERP software, Navision. Microsoft Dynamics NAV Business Central/ Navision is the complete Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Solution for your medium-sized business with fast performance, uncomplicated use and simple setup. It still remains for you to decide, however, how and where you want your new Navision software to be hosted: Traditional On-Premise ERP Solution or Cloud-Based. Both options have their advantages and disadvantages, and which you should choose to pursue depends on your business and its specific makeup and needs.

In addition to Traditional on-Premise hosting, Austral Dynamics also provides Microsoft Dynamics NAV Business Central/ Navision software licensing as a cloud hosted ERP Solution. This provides a significant benefit to customers who want to reduce upfront costs (without investment in hardware), software cost as operating expense instead of capital expenditure and increased accessibility (access the ERP solution from anywhere and from any device).

Dynamics NAV as a Cloud ERP solution

Advantages of Microsoft Dynamics NAV Business Central/ Navision as a Cloud ERP Solution

  • Lower start-up costs – By avoiding upfront hardware and software purchases, Cloud-based ERP represents a much lower initial cost than on-site hosting. A cloud subscription might end up costing you more in the long run, but it represents a significantly more modest initial capital investment.
  • Getting up and running quickly – Implementing the Navision system On-Premise requires you to go through all the hassle of actually buying the hardware and configuring the program. Simply purchasing a cloud subscription is quicker and easier.
  • Manage the cash flow better – You can plot the cost of a cloud-subscription over time with much greater accuracy than trying to estimate all the hidden prices associated with hosting your own ERP.
  • Minimise internal IT costs – Hosting your own software means that you need to have a dedicated IT staff ready to help manage the system. You can minimise these costs by using Cloud-Based hosting.
  • Business scalability – As your business grows, you may find you need to increase your ERP’s functionality. With cloud-based service, customers can add and subtract users to suit their business demands and requirements with none of the hassle that would come with having to adjust your own On-Premise system.
  • Internet Accessibility – Having a cloud-based NAV Business Central system means being able to access the ERP solution from anywhere (with internet access) at any time and from any device. Cloud accessibility only requires a web connection log-in. In order to access this same mobility with on-site hosting, you’ll have to go through a third-party.


Cloud-based hosting has grown to become the best general ERP solution available for most small and medium-size businesses. There might be some concerns specific to your company that would make you consider traditional on-site hosting such as data security and system customisation, but most businesses will want to simply go through the cloud for the lower start-up cost and ease of access it provides.