Dynamic NAV Business Central Traditional On-Premise ERP Solution

So you’ve made the decision to invest in Microsoft’s excellent ERP software, Navision. Microsoft Dynamics NAV Business Central/ Navision is the complete Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Solution for your medium-sized business with fast performance, uncomplicated use and simple setup. It still remains for you to decide, however, how and where you want your new Navision software to be hosted: On-Premise or Cloud-Based ERP Solution. Both options have their advantages and disadvantages, and which you should choose to pursue depends on your business and its specific makeup and needs.

Dynamic NAV Traditional On Premise ERP Solution

One of the options of purchasing Microsoft Dynamics NAV Business Central/ Navision software is through the Traditional On-Premise ERP Solution licensing model. Austral Dynamics customers get to purchase the license from us and we implement the software on their server and run it at their premises. This way the customer gets to retain all the data and information required to run a Microsoft Dynamics NAV/ Navision ERP Solution on site.

Why Choose Microsoft Dynamic NAV Business Central On-Premise ERP Solution for Your Business?

  • Cost Effective – On-Premise hosting represents a higher initial investment than Cloud-Based because of licensing and equipment costs. Having a software downloaded on your own server and at your own location can save you recurring expenditure and and often leads to greater savings over a cloud subscription in the long run.
  • Own Environment – Cloud-hosting has the advantage of making the NAV Business Central system available wherever there’s a Wi-Fi signal, For the On-Premise Solution, you don’t have to rely on internet speeds because the software is installed on your server and within your premises.
  • Higher Flexibility – The on-Premise Solution is an installation in your own environment, accessible through multiple devices. If you’re having any problems with the software, you can access them immediately in-house instead of having to go through a third-party mediator.
  • Higher Security –  It’s not that cloud-based hosting is terribly unsecure, but anything that has to rely on the net to function the way the cloud does leaves more access points for hackers to take advantage of. If data security is an absolute priority for your business, then you may wish to invest in On-Premise.
  • Customisable – Actually having the software hosted on site and a dedicated IT team means you have some more options when it comes to customising the software specifically to your business needs.


Today, most businesses are going to just want to use cloud-based hosting, but there are still a number of valid reasons why someone might want to host On-Premise. If your business handles a large mass of valuable data in the course of daily operations and you want that data and the infrastructure which hosts it to be close and immediately accessible, then On-Premise hosting may be the solution for you.