Product Overview.

Logistics Freight Manager

Simplicity and Ease

Logistics Freight Manager simplifies logistics planning and operations in Microsoft Dynamics NAV / Business Central.

It extends shipment processing in Dynamics NAV / Business Central to a cloud-based Freight Management System designed for discerning logistics teams and professionals.

It automatically creates all your carrier consignments & prints consignment labels, when shipping directly from inside Dynamics NAV / Business Central.

No more logging and working in multiple web sites!!!

Available for :-

  • Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 thru Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2018
  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

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Logistics Freight Manager  streamlines logistics function amongst all stakeholders. It consolidates dispatch and consignment task into a single, powerful solution, providing enterprise logistics with measurable improvements in flexibility, efficiency, accuracy, control and visibility over management of their consignments and freight.

In Logistics Freight Manager, at a glance, you get a snapshot of current state of all your tracking statuses and transport statistics, including real time tracking, fiscal reports, operational reports and workflow notifications to the users.

Advantages of using Logistics Freight Manager:

  • Eliminate disparate and manual processes outside Dynamics NAV / Business Central.
  • Access your carriers and manage your consignment tasks, right inside Dynamics NAV / Business Central.
  • Warehouse functions are simplified by automating the dispatching functions in Dynamics NAV / Business Central.
  • Manage pickup days and times including cut-offs (earliest pickup on a day and last pickup on a day) right inside Dynamics NAV / Business Central.
  • Setup your own packing Items in Dynamics NAV / Business Central and map to those used by carriers.
  • Always knows the best/optimal carrier for the job.
  • Book consignments for every available/contracted carrier.
  • Auto-manifests consignments at the right time.
  • Automatically create and print parcel labels at the right packing desk, location or office for the carrier, eliminating delays when using number of carriers.

Recall automatically/manually duplicate consignments, as and when required