Why Microsoft Dynamics NAV Business Central/ Navision Is The Favorite ERP Solution For Business

Posted On May 31st, 2017

The choice of the correct ERP solution is always a strategic business decision, and one which must be approached with a lot of sobriety. It will be like the backbone of the business and it is likely to be used for several years to come.

Microsoft has been offering ERP solutions to the business world for the last 25 years and with each and every release, they have continuously proven that they are the undisputed market leaders. Currently, Microsoft Dynamics ERP is one of their best solutions and if you needed a reliable and robust ERP for Non-profit Organisation and Business, you will never go wrong with this one. Here is why:

It is Beyond the Traditional ERP

The traditional ERP, both by Microsoft and the other vendors, had basic functionalities which seemed to be adequate back then, but may not suffice under the current environments for doing businesses. A lot has changed, with the core concerns for many enterprises becoming dynamism, efficiency and top of the world customer care. In as much as most of the ERPs have made some little changes in their solutions, Microsoft Dynamics NAV Business Central leads the pack, availing highly sophisticated solutions embedded with business intelligence, advanced communication capabilities, enhanced user experience, and consumer-driven productivity tools. These are the kind of features you need from an ERP at this time and age.

Deployment Flexibility Choices

Versatility in deployment is a highly admirable feature in ERP. With the advancement of cloud technology, no one wants a solution that will tie them to a physical location when they could do their work from any place on the planet. With the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Business central/ Navision, businesses get the flexibility to deploy the tool on-premises or on the cloud through “Microsoft partner channels” or both. With this, nothing comes in the way of production due to just one line of deployment.

Comes with Strong Customer Relationship Features

Gone are the days when businesses had the notion that they were doing clients or customers a favour by serving. Currently, businesses are literally begging for customers and a strong customer-business relationship is no longer a luxury but a requirement for any business keen on succeeding. With an ERP solution like Navision, you get great features that allows magnificent interactions with clients, sometimes with customise portals where clients can always get the answers they need in real time.

Easy to Use

Microsoft Navision Dynamics comes with a consistent look and feel which makes it easy to adopt and thus saving businesses from training costs with every release. Its versatility also allows it to be used in all parts of the organisation, not to mention the fact that it is cloud-based thus making it easy to maintain and upgrade to maximise efficiency.

Easy Cost Predictability

‘Microsoft Navision Dynamics’ has flexible licensing options tremendous in reducing upfront expenses and protect list prices, thus providing a basis for future renewals. It also comes with a ten-year guarantee period during which you are assured of support should anything go wrong with it. Ultimately, these make rapid implementation faster and at predictable rates.

Drives & Supports Business Growth

Some of the benefits you will get from the Navision system include unified business view, communication capabilities, a global network of tech partners to help with the deployment, maintenance, customisation & upgrading, and partner collaboration anytime/anywhere amongst others.

These will not just contribute immensely towards streamlining the operations of the business and eliminating the headaches associated with incomplete systems, but also they will lead to the growth of the business. There will be increased efficiency in the operations leading to greater profitability for the business.

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