The key to implementing new software is customising it.

Posted On July 31st, 2018

Austral Dynamics is an experienced Australian-based integrator of Microsoft Dynamics Business Central NAV in SME business systems.

At Austral, we’ve been implementing software for Australian SME businesses in the growth phase of their life for over a decade.

What we’ve found, through trial, error and experience is that ‘no software’ – no matter how big, or good, its claims, matches a client’s needs perfectly.

Customisation is key to making it work, as a result.

The leading software for SME business

Microsoft Dynamics NAV Business Central integrates all your firm’s key functions, bringing them under one roof:

  •  Financial management and accounting
  • Supply chain, manufacturing, and accounting
  • Sales, Retail and service
  • Project management
  • Flexible deployment
  • Business intelligence and reporting
  • International currency support

Everything you need to know at the press of a button

At Austral Dynamics, our solutions give you everything you need and nothing you don’t.

Everything from what the Sales guys are doing with their leads, to where the project managers are upto with their projects to where to business intelligence on company performance so you can improve it.

Knowledge is power so we ensure that CEO’s have it at their fingertips at all times.

How we helped a client integrate its operations

In one organisation we consulted to, staff were using more than 63 pieces of software.

Not only was this decision expensive, it was also costing the company in terms of cohesion, hindering their efficiency and capability, in the process.

We noted that duplication and overlap between software choices used were high and that utilisation was low.

We recommended our client ‘rationalise’ its software which was also an administrative ‘headache’ for its admin staff by replacing them totally with Microsoft Dynamics NAV Business central.

We give you what many big companies, today, won’t: TIME

When you have time on your side, anything is possible. Few companies are more aware o this fact than we are at Austral Dynamics.

We give our clients the time they need to understand our solutions and why we are recommending them. We don’t just give the CEO and their management team time, we also ensure we sit with their middle and junior tier members to ensure we understand every individual’s needs so we can more effectively cater to them.

We’ll explain our solutions and train your staff to use and collaborate with it
Successful businesses don’t compete, they collaborate.

So we’ve put collaboration heart of every single solution we develop. No CEO or business wants a software solution that collects cobwebs r dust on it. We ensure the solutions we developed are put through their paces and used by the people we develop them for.

If you have a business that’s growing faster than the market is, then you may have a need to talk to us. To do so, simple Call (+61) 2 9763 2040 or email us using the form provided.