Key Benefits of Using Dynamics NAV Business Central

Posted On October 29th, 2017

Dynamics NAV Business Central (short for Navision) has been proven to help businesses worldwide, especially those in the Distribution and Supply Chain Management. Dynamics NAV Business Central is an Enterprise Resource Planning software, which helps companies to connect and automate many aspects of their businesses, which includes sales, operations, purchases, and inventory management. NAV also gives the option of development and progress and helps businesses to meet any specific needs and growth demands.

Why Dynamics NAV Business Central over others?

There are a lot of Benefits of using Dynamics NAV over other ERP solution systems, and we are going to list a few important ones below.

1. Dynamics NAV Business Central is an ERP software that is entirely a web-based Client. This benefits the clients in mainly two most basic ways. One, the client does not have to worry about local system storage when running Dynamics NAV at their business site. Secondly, because it is a cloud-based system, there is no need to backup data separately. Most of it can be saved and retrieved from online storage.

2. There are many licensing options with Dynamics NAV Business Central, depending on the size of the business seeking the ERP solution. Perpetual Licensing is particularly designed to kick start small and medium sized businesses with managing their distributions and for providing financial insights. Each particular license provides a different set of functionalities and can be upgraded as the business and its needs grow. Currently, there are 4 main licensing options for the Dynamics NAV ERP, and these are: The Starter Pack, The Extended Pack, Limited User and Full User.

3. There are a lot of functionalities and enhancements that are provided by this the Dynamics NAV Business Central software. Some of these are Cash Flow Forecast, Visualization of Timeline, Reporting, User-Tailored Improvements, Cost Accounting, etc. Not only does this system provide such functionalities, but it also helps that it has a very easy-to-use interface which aligns with other Microsoft products.

This allows ease of use and decreases training time greatly for anyone who has previously used tools that have been published by Microsoft in the past, meanwhile providing you with powerful functionalities which are almost guaranteed to improve the efficiency of your business production. The key to implementing new software is customising it.

All in all, Dynamics NAV Business Central by Microsoft has proved to be one of the best ERP solutions, mainly targeting and empowering small and medium-sized businesses. Dynamics NAV Business Central always helps your business and many independent companies can help you Implement Dynamics Navision in your business environment, but some top service providers like Austral Dynamics are the official partners with Microsoft because of their high quality enterprise resource planning solutions, support and consultation. For any information or questions regarding Dynamics NAV, you can call us at (+61) 2 9763 2040.