How ERP Improves Manufacturing & Distribution Business

Posted On March 21st, 2018

There are a number of ERPs available to help people with their business analytics. Ranging from small to medium-sized businesses, most of them have started to rely on such tools for the business intelligence they provide immediately and with considerable ease.

One type of business that employs ERPs for the manufacturing and distribution business. This is because this particular business model requires constant supervision and hence poses a number of challenges to the management logistically. Here at Austral Dynamics, we recommend Microsoft Navision for manufacturing and distribution management. Navision can muster up business related information from all parts of your business and use it to provide you analytics that can help you manage a more effective and profitable manufacturing and distribution process. ERP Software also helps Import-Export Industries.

The information is all available almost instantly, and the centralisation of data allows Navision to predict supply and demand, track your inventory and provide many more useful insights. Below, we’re going to highlight a few key features you get with Navision for manufacturing and distribution:

Planning Supply and Demand

Microsoft NAV Business Central can help you manage your inventory. By using prior information and seeing the demand of items in the inventory, it can suggest a calculated order you will require to make for refreshing your inventory.

Also, by using past sales patterns that you give to Nav, it can help you predict the demand for the coming future.

Tracking Inventory

Navision can use serials numbers to keep track of your inventory and allows you to control is more efficiently. This is especially useful if your products are expiry sensitive. It won’t just track your inventory, but will also automatically take the responsibility of tabbing your email responses and send information to all relevant parties that need it.

Material Planning

Material planning is useful in the manufacturing process, as it helps you manage and balance the supply and demand.

Dynamic Manufacturing

With Navision, you can add workstations and routings to adjust your manufacturing model on run time. This allows you to cater to any changes in the manufacturing process to be made as soon as it is required.

These are just some of the most common features that are useful with Navision for the manufacturing and distribution process of a business. Other features that are common in bookkeeping are also available through NAV Business Central but with much more functionality and effectiveness.

Austral Dynamics are specialists in integrating Microsoft Navision and provide solutions as per your business needs. If you are in the manufacturing and distribution line of business, call us for more information at (+61) 297 632 040.