Dynamics NAV Hybrid Solution – On Premise + Hosting (Cloud)

This Hybrid Solution includes Cloud + On-premise computing which Austral Dynamics provides and manages the IT infrastructure.

At Austral Dynamics is a certified Microsoft Dynamics business central Gold partner in Sydney there are three main benefits with a hybrid IT solution: a company’s requirement to control data properly, the cost-effectiveness of cloud units such as software-as-a-service, Infrastructure and the preference for an IT department to respond quickly and efficiently to frequently changing business requirements.

Hybrid Solution + Hosting Cloud At Austral Dynamics

The Hybrid Solution + Hosting Cloud is the merging of a public cloud provider with a private cloud provider. This is designed to confirm benefits for use by a single business company. The public and private cloud infrastructures, that work individually, relay over a coded link. This is completed by using technology that authorises the transporting of data and information.

Advantages of Hybrid Cloud Solution

The public and private clouds in a Hybrid Cloud Solution are discrete components. This authorises companies to store protected and secured data on a private cloud while allowing the ability to purchase resources from the public cloud.

Austral Dynamics produces on-premises hybrid cloud model to ensure strict privacy and enables no information if accessed through the public internet.

An additional advantage of a hybrid cloud model is the ability to support the average workloads of your business.

At Austral Dynamics, our Hybrid Cloud Solution will provide the following solutions to expand your business in the most efficient manner:

  • Dedicated servers – Provides private computing and storage for extra fast and reliable performance
  • Private Cloud – Improves and increases security and control
  • Public cloud – Provides scalability and pay-per-use computing for excessive and incalculable traffic

Next Steps

The next step to follow is to contact one of Austral Dynamics’ Business Development Managers for your Hybrid Cloud Solution at (+61) 2 9763 2040. You can also receive a Free Demonstration or Information Pack here.