5 Signs Your Business Needs an ERP System

Posted On May 13th, 2019

What every business will face at some stage or the other of its life cycle is growing pains. An all-in-one Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and business management solution like Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central can help you resolve such growing pains – using simple, yet advanced functionalities.

ERP System

As a business-owner, how do you know when it’s time for you to implement an ERP Solution such as Dynamics 365 Business Central in your business?

Here are 5 signs we’ve put together for you.

  1.      You no Longer Manage Your Data – Your Data Manages You

Whenever we are reactive, it is because we are faced with an overwhelming tide of information or data – all delivered at the same time.

What growing businesses generate is unfortunately a lot of data – as a byproduct of increases in sales or customer transactions.

The data is distributed unevenly across the company’s various departments, leading to information asymmetry and overload. If this asymmetry is not corrected – and you do need an ERP solution before it will be – the overload will start to show as your key executives start to crack under the pressure.

When an organisation is stressed, growth becomes impossible because of what it’s based upon – cohesive, harmonious working relationships that lead to the development and implementation of an ‘integrated strategy’ across the organisation.

ERP Consultancies like Austral Dynamics – a Microsoft Dynamics Business Central Partner – understand this dynamic thanks to years of experience understanding ERP and successfully integrating it into clients existing IT and Operations Infrastructure.

  1.      Your staff have started to compete – with one and other

A sure sign that your business is undergoing issues that need to be addressed at a leadership level, is when staff have stopped collaborating and have started competing – sadly, with one and other.

When this happens, an organisation starts to lose – business and clients.

Can an ERP system such as Microsoft Dynamics NAV fix this problem? It can play a role in doing so. What an ERP solution does is it gets rid of the multiple software suites companies unfortunately invest in when they are small and replaces them with a single suite of software that integrates as many functions as a firm may have.

For example, Microsoft Dynamics 365’s Business Central ERP Solution which we prefer to deploy for our clients at Austral Dynamics integrates all the major functions SME businesses run – everything from accounting to sales, inventory, purchasing, marketing, warehouse management – and more.

What a single system delivered by ERP gives you as a business-owner, CEO or departmental head is a single view of all aspects of your operations so you can better manage them.

  1.      Your customers have started to notice what has dropped – service standards

The first sign that your company is paradoxically not coping with what it is driving – GROWTH – is when your company’s service standards start to fall.

As complaints rise, you know you need to act and make changes. But how do you make changes when you can’t see where they need to be made in the first place?

This is where ERP comes into play. A well designed, customized ERP solution pinpoints where your company’s issues lie. At the flick of a button, you can see where the problems are -the orders are in, for example – but the stock isn’t. Man hours are lost – as worker efficiency and productivity is not up to scratch.

As a highly experienced ERP Consulting Organisation, with a Senior Leadership Team located right here in Sydney, Austral Dynamics fully understands growing pains, given we’ve been through them ourselves. We waste no time working to use ERP in a cloud to help you understand your service standards so you can measurably improve them.

  1.      Your IT costs have started to balloon

As businesses grow, they tend to use multiple software suites to perform various tasks. Each employee or department has their own favourite software to do a task.

The trouble with these software suites is they don’t talk to each other.

Information sharing becomes difficult as does integration and analysis of data. Business suffers. Decision-making gets tardy. And firms start to lose money – then employees.

Austral Dynamics has seen it all before. Because we’ve seen it, we’re experienced in handling it. When we get an ERP assignment – we don’t just bring technology but also change management skills to the table.

We listen to our clients’ point of view and address it in the solutions we develop for their business.

  1.      Inventory management is becoming hard

For many businesses, managing inventory is managing cash flow and the success it ultimately leads to. But if inventory, sales or HR functions are not aligned, the result can be a needless loss of revenue, income and opportunity.

One of the keys benefits of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is that it’s well-developed piece of ERP software that our Consultants at Austral Dynamics customize to the individual needs of businesses.

Not only is this customisation necessary, it is also critical for the financial investment in the software to pay off.

If you’re a business struggling to manage, of all things – GROWTH – Do Give Us a Call

With over a decade working together with major Australian firms in virtually every industry vertical that exists, we will waste no time in understanding your business issues and using our expertise in ERP to help you solve them.

You can reach us at Austral Dynamics on (+61) 02 9763 2040. When calling, ask about a FREE Demo and our senior team will be more than happy to oblige you.