Dynamics NAV As A Cloud ERP Solution

Austral Dynamics also provides Microsoft Dynamics NAV/ Navision software licensing as a cloud hosted ERP Solution. This provides a significant benefit to customers who want to reduce upfront costs (without investment in hardware), software cost as operating expense instead of capital expenditure and increased accessibility (access the ERP solution from anywhere and from any device).

Dynamics NAV as a Cloud ERP solution

Advantages of Microsoft Dynamics NAV/ Navision as a Cloud ERP Solution

  • Minimise the initial investment
  • Lower start-up costs by avoiding upfront hardware and software purchases.
  • Getting up and running quickly
  • Manage the cash flow better
  • Minimise internal IT costs
  • Flexibility to customise the solution and no restrictions on how many users
  • Business scalability – customers can add and subtract users to suit the business demands and requirements
  • Transform IT cost from capital expenditure into operating expenditure
  • Being able to access the ERP solution from anywhere (with internet access) at any time and from any device. Cloud accessibility only requires a web connection Log-in

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