Dynamic NAV Traditional On-Premise ERP Solution

Microsoft Dynamics NAV/ Navision is the complete Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Solution for your medium-sized business with fast performance, uncomplicated use and simple setup.

Dynamic NAV Traditional On Premise ERP Solution

One of the options of purchasing Microsoft Dynamics NAV/ Navision software is through the Traditional On-Premise ERP Solution licensing model. Our customers get to purchase the license from us and we implement the software on their server and run it at their premises. This way the customer gets to retain all the data and information required to run a Microsoft Dynamics NAV/ Navision ERP Solution on site.

Why Choose Microsoft Dynamic NAV On-Premise ERP Solution for Your Business?

  • Cost Effective – Having a software downloaded on your own server and at your own location can save you recurring expenditure and give you control over the data and software.
  • Own Environment – For the On-Premise Solution, you don’t have to rely on internet speeds because the software is installed on your server and within your premises.
  • Higher Flexibility – The on-Premise Solution is an installation in your own environment, accessible through multiple devices.

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